Hello! I'm Kevin.
I'm a software developer.


Embedded developer by day, aspiring polyglot by night, a bit of web development on the side.

My daily work is on embedded Linux systems in C, with a web interface written using Flask, jQuery, and Bootstrap. I'm interested in how language choice affects design, so I've used and studied Rust, C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and a little bit of Elm.

I'm hooked on fast feedback loops, automated tests, and solutions that are designed to evolve. I strive to craft thoughtful, clean, testable code because I like to be proud of what I deploy.


I have developed professionally for bare-metal, FreeRTOS, and embedded Linux devices and have built a custom Linux distro using Buildroot. These systems include VoIP endpoints (streaming audio), RFID readers (NFC), and water chemistry controllers.

All of this work is proprietary, so I'm creating a blog to share things that I'm doing on the side. Take a look!